Minutes the Meeting of the Parish Council held at the Filmer Hall on Wednesday 3rd November 2010 at 8.00 p.m.
Present: Messrs Turnill (chairman), Edmed and Worsfold, and Mrs May, together with Mrs Elstone, Clerk to the Council, KCCllr Whittle, MBCllr Gibson, PCSO De Burca and 2 residents
1.      Apologies: Mr Ireland
2.      Declaration of Interest: None
3.      Police Report
PCSO De Burca advised that to date April saw the largest amount of crimes this year, with 6 in total. Since then there has been a maximum of 1 crime per month, with no crimes in July or October.
Smart Water – PCSO De Burca enquired whether any of the local farmers had been approached to buy this new product to mark their goods. Some insurance companies are offering discounts to households and businesses that use the ID marking system.
Action: PCSO De Burca to bring a sample to the next meeting, followed by an item in the next newsletter
4.      Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 8th September 2010 were agreed as a true and
accurate record of proceedings.
5.      Matters Arising from the Minutes
a)    Insurance – premium was sent off following the last meeting.
It is believed that the hall is insured for £400,000. 
b)    Play Area – Mr Edmed advised that the weeds had now been sprayed.
c)    Prison Wall – letter has been sent to prison requesting action but no response of action to
Action: Clerk to chase with copy to Home Office for information
6.      Highways
a)    KHS update – Mr Ireland was not present at meeting to give an update.
·                  Items to report:   pot hole at junction of Court Broomes and Church Lane, 2 pot holes at junction of Church Lane and Charlton Lane
b)    Vegetation – The Ridge have been requested to cut their hedge back but no action. 
Action: Clerk to request KHS contact owners for action
7.      Planning
a)      Applications Received
MA/10/1624 – Charlton Court
Erection of tennis course with 2.75m high black chain link fence – no objection
b)      Applications Refused
MA/10/1236 – The Ridge Golf Club
c)      Applications Granted
MA/10/1140 – Round Barn, HMP East Sutton Park
d)      Enforcement
ENF/11363 – Charlton Court
e)      Appeals Allowed
MA/09/0861 – Great Oak Farm
8.      Report from Borough Councillor and County Councillors
Mrs Jenny Whittle Kent County Councillor
a)     Pleasure House Lane
·                    Mrs Whittle reported that she had met with local resident and Richard Emmett
(Highways) to discuss the funding of a passing place in Pleasure House Lane. Mr Turnill advised Mrs Whittle that the views of the resident were not necessarily those of the Parish Council with no vote being taken regarding this matter. Cars have been seen to be parking in the passing places, with no knowledge of the occupants, thus rendering the spaces unusable.   The provision of passing places could potentially create additional problems in terms of providing parking places for lorries and commercial vehicles which in turn could lead to littering problems etc. Mrs Whittle stated that vehicles need to be deterred from parking in these places. 
·                    Question raised whether Griffins Farm could be asked to reinstate the verges. Mrs
Whittle advised that unless KHS carry out the works this would not be allowed.
·                    Mr Worsfold questioned how many vehicle movements there were in a day. Mr
Turnill advised that a the damage is not necessarily caused by lorries simply by drivers nature to drive on the verge.
·                    It was agreed that Mr Turnill, Mrs Whittle and the resident meet to discuss the
matter further.
b)     Neighhourhood Forum
·                    Meeting held on 28th October to discuss savings which can be made across the board in
the light of the Government spending review.
·                    Other issues discussed were rat running, with KHS to draw up a strategy in relation to this.
·                    Next meeting in January will look at LDF, in particular jobs and homes in the area and
development at M20 junction 8, as this is still part of government policy.
c)     KIG land
AXA believed to have extended their option on the land and looking at alternatives for the site.
MBC and KCC wish to include the site in an AONB and Special Landscape Area.
d)     Budget Cuts
KCC required to make savings of £340m over the next four years. What areas will get prioritised will be decided by Full Council in February. It is thought that finance for KHS maintenance will be kept at reasonable level with cuts being made to traffic calming schemes etc.
Mrs Jenefer Gibson Maidstone Borough Councillor
a)      Future of the Concurrent Function grant is the main talking point at present. Would urge
the Parish Council to think carefully regarding their priorities for 2011-2012.
9.      Correspondence
a)    KALC – Annual General Meeting 13th November
b)    KCC – Bold Steps for Kent Consultation Draft – parish responses required.
10.   Finance
a)    Items for payment – agreed
b)    Concurrent Functions Grant – Maidstone KALC meeting on 29th November to discuss
matter further. Calling for proposed cut of 26% to be lessened
c)    Audit 2009/2010 – completed with no action
d)    Budget 2011/2012 – draft budget to be prepared for discussion at January meeting. Need
to look at maintenance of assets in order to avoid need to replace. This is seen to be the way forward.
11.    Reports from members of the public and councillors
This is purely an information slot and no action can be taken upon the matters raised during this session. Any action required will need written representation to the council.
a)      Resident questioned whether the telephone box at Court Broomes owned by the
Parish Council as it is very rarely used – No
b)      Streetlight outside 6/7 Court Broomes not working
Action: Clerk to arrange for Aylesford Electrical to repair
c)      Mr Turnill advised that he has the wreath for laying on Remembrance Sunday
d)      Mr Ireland requested that January meeting is postponed until 12th January – this date is
not suitable for a number of councillors therefore the date will remain as is.
12. Additional matters to be discussed at next meeting
a)       Draft Budget
13. Date of next Parish Council meeting  – 5th January 2011
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.