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Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held at the Filmer Hall on Wednesday 5th January 2011 at 8.00 p.m.

Present:  Messrs Turnill (chairman), Ireland and Worsfold, Mrs Mrs, Mrs Elstone (clerk to the Council) and three residents.

1.      Apologies:  MBClr Gibson

2.      Declaration of Interest:  None

3.      Police Report:  No report received.

Action:  Clerk to request that PCSO de Burca gives a presentation of Smart Water at the Annual Parish Meeting on 2nd March.

Clerk to obtain details re Smart Water to be included in next parish newsletter

4.      Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 3rd November 2010 agreed as a true and accurate record of proceedings.

5.      Matters Arising from the Minutes

a)      Insurance:  awaiting response from Hall Committee regarding questions raised in relation to policy.

b)      HMP East Sutton Park – still no work to remove ivy from wall.

Action:  Further letter to be written

6.      Highways

a)      KHS update:  Mr Ireland circulated the current list of outstanding issues.  This does not include those items raised at the November meeting so Mr Ireland will re-advise of these concerns in addition to those at Pleasure House Lane and East Sutton Road advised at meeting.

b)      Mr Turnill reported that he and resident are yet to meet with Mrs Whittle to discuss the parking and passing issues in Pleasure House Lane.

Action:  Mr Turnill to arrange date with Mrs Whittle

c)      Reported that KHS have advised that they are to carry out works to the pipe which runs under the road at Hecton Farm.

d)      Vegetation:  Still no action by The Ridge to cut back hedges.

Action:  Clerk to request KHS intervention

7.      Planning

Discussion took place regarding the way applications are viewed and comments made.  The current system of circulation appears not to be working.  It was proposed that a check list of material considerations is drawn up and agreed by full council to allow for two councillors to be delegated powers to made representations on applications.  Any large applications which affect the whole parish to be brought to full council, or if not appropriate due to time restraints a specially convened planning meeting.

Action:  Clerk to prepare check list for approval

a)      Applications Received

·         MA/10/1904        The Finches, Chartway Street

Variation of Condition 5 of planning application 10/1220 to allow the site to be open for business 364 days a year.  Refuse

·         MA/10/1907        The Finches, Chartway Street

Variation of Condition 7 of planning application 10/1220 to allow the site to be open for business 364 days a year.  Refuse

·         MA/10/1940        The Blue House, Chartway Street

Application to replace existing planning permission in order to extend the time limit for implementing planning permission 07/1944 – Approve

·         MA/10/1950        Round Oak Farm, Heniker Lane

Erection of new agricultural barn for storage and handling – Refuse

b)      Applications Refused

·         TA/0113/10         Great Oak Farm, Friday Street

c)      Appeal

·         MA/10/0512        Four Jays Group

8.      Correspondence

·         Email from resident regarding Griffins Farm – clerk advised that the only enforcement

action in respect of the site is in relation to the polytunnels and there are no outstanding issues regarding the use of the site.

·         KALC Parish News with handouts re Snow Clearance and changes to banking

practices in 2011 to allow for electronic banking

9.      Finance

a)      Items for payment

604      A Neve                        Streetcleaning              £284.64

605      Inland Revenue           PAYE                          £   71.60

606/607          Cancelled – lost in post

608      War Memorial Restoration Ltd                                    £1262.18

609      H Elstone                    Wages and Expenses   £  279.94

610      Aylesford Electrical     Streetlight Repairs       £  186.77

Clerk requested that a standing order be set up to pay monthly salary with expenses to be claimed bi-monthly by cheque – agreed.  Letter to bank to set up authority signed.

b)      Concurrent Functions Grant:  Clerk reported that MBC are to approve their budget in

March 2011 but still require parishes to set their budgets and precepts by end of January.  Councils have therefore been advised to prepare their figures based on a 30% reduction in financing.  Discussions between parishes and the borough are still continuing in an attempt to get this figure in line with unparished areas and as a reflection of those cuts made to MBC income by the government.

c)      Budget 2011/2012:  Draft budget prepared by Clerk for consideration.  It was

proposed by Mr Ireland, seconded Mrs May that the precept for 2011-2012 be kept at the £5000 limit and that all cuts will be dealt with internally as opposed to passing to the parish.

10.  Reports from members of the public

This is purely an information slot and no action can be taken upon the matters raised during this session.  Any action required will need written representation to the council:  None

11.  Additional matters to be discussed at next meeting

Meeting to commence at 7.30 p.m. to allow Annual Parish Meeting to start at 8 p.m.

Invitations to be sent to local organisations.  Mr Ireland advised that Mr Mark Rawson is now the Filmer Hall representative and requested records be amended.

12.  Date of next Parish Council meeting  – 2nd March 2011to include Annual Parish Meeting

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.