May 2011 Minutes




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Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held at the Filmer Hall on Wednesday 4th May 2011 at 8 p.m.

Present:  Messrs Edmed, Ireland and Turnill, Mrs May, Mrs Elstone (Clerk to the Council), MBCllr Gibson and three members of the public.

1.      Apologies:  Mr Worsfold,  PCSO De Burca

2.      Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

It was proposed by Mr Edmed, seconded Mr Ireland that Mr Turnill be re-elected as chairman to the Council.  Agreed

It was proposed by Mr Turnill, seconded by Mrs May that Mr Ireland be re-elected as vice chairman.  Agreed.

Mr Turnill took the chair.

3.      Declaration of Interest:  Mr Turnill declared an interest in the discussions in relation to Pleasure House Lane.

4.      Police Report

·         Mrs Elstone read a report from PCSO De Burca  detailing 2 thefts within the parish since the last meeting.

·         Councillors reported other incidents being the theft of road gulley plates which had been reported to, and dealt with by, KHS.

·         It is believed that there is an increase in incidents in surrounding parishes.

5.      Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 5th January 2011 agreed as a true and accurate record of proceedings.

6.      Matters Arising from the Minutes

a)      HMP East Sutton:  No further response regarding Blantyre House carrying out the works to the external wall.

b)      Pleasure House Lane:  This matter was passed by Mr Turnill to Mr Edmed to deal with as an independent.  Mr Edmed reported on a letter he had sent to Mr Stuart at Griffins Farm and discussions/communications with Jenny Whittle and Richard Emmett.  The anticipated costs for the complete work is £22,500, with Jenny Whittle only being able to offer £500 from her Members Highways Fund.

·      For a single passing space the cost would be £6,500.

·      Mr Stuart has offered a one-off payment of £3,000 towards a permanent fixture.

·      In view of the financial situation a letter has been sent to Mr Stuart to thank him for his offer of assistance advising that at the present time no additional funds are available for the works.

·      Question was raised as to whether the £500 from Jenny Whittle could be used to reinstate some grass areas along the road?

Action:  Question to be raised with Jenny Whittle

·      Tim Chambers has offered to lay some hardcore in an attempt to alleviate the problem.

·      Mr Edmed advised that he would arrange for the top surface to be skimmed and dampered down.

·      Concern was expressed regarding the verge towards the entrance of Skinners Field as this is subsiding and may cause future problems for cars.

Action:  Matter to be looked into

            Mr Turnill thanked Mr Edmed for the work he had carried out in relation to this matter.

c)  Play area – clerk reported that the safety inspection is still raising the issue of weeds coming through the surface around the basketball hoop.  Mr Edmed reported that he had placed some weedkiller on the plants which are coming from below the surface.  It would appear that the contractor did not weedkill under the surface or place a membrane below to stop the weeds.

Action:  Clerk to raise matter again with Sales Rep.  If no action refer to Head Office

7.      Highways

a)      KHS update

·      Clerk reported that Stickfast Lane had been resurfaced.

·      KHS have held a find and fix week recently.

·      Repairs carried out to Morry Lane and Brick Kiln Lane.

·      Other roads in the parish are not too bad at present.  KHS seem to be getting all issues under control.  Outstanding issues are Morry Lane gully and uneven surface at Heniker Lane.

b)      Vegetation

·      Church Road – trees at The Ridge still need cutting back.  This matter has been referred to KHS

·      MBC advise that due to budget cuts they will no longer be carrying out grass cutting and general horticultural works on behalf of KHS.  KHS are therefore taking back all weed spraying from 1st May.

c)      Street Sweeping

Mr Michael Amber approached the Council regarding the vacancy as street sweeper.

General discussion took place regarding the work that Amos had carried out and it was agreed that Mr Turnill visit Amos to determine a job specification before any further discussion takes place.

Question was raised as to whether the work of Amos should be honoured due to the length of service to the parish.  Mr Turnill to organise

Action:  Job specification to be created to allow further contact with Mr Amber

8.      Planning

MA/11/0157 Little Moatenden – application refused

9.      Correspondence

a)      Advise from MBC detailing processes undertaken when dealing with work on protected trees.  Councillors questioned which trees in the parish had a TPO.

Action:  Clerk to determine.

b)      Invitation to Civic Parade – no Councillors to attend

c)      NALC Legal Notice regarding the future of the Code of Conduct – to be circulated to all Councillors.

10.      Finance

a)      Items for payment – approved

b)      Concurrent Functions update – Mrs Gibson reported on the current situation.  The Borough has withdrawn the devolved budget allowance for all Borough Concillors and cuts are being made throughout the Borough.  Large capital projects such as the High Street and Mote Park projects will be unaffected.

c)      Audit of Accounts 2010-2011 – approved for submission to Audit Commission.

Action:  Copy of receipts and payments account to be included in next newsletter

11.  Reports from members of the public:  None

12.  Additional matters to be discussed at next meeting

13.  Date of next Parish Council meeting  –6th July 2011

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.