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Minutes the Meeting of the Parish Council held at the Filmer Hall on Wednesday 2nd March 2011 at 7.30 p.m

Present:  Messrs Turnill (chairman), Ireland and Worsfold; Mrs May;  Mrs Elstone (Clerk to the Council); KCC Cllr Mrs Whittle; PCSO De Burca (part) and five members of the public

1.      Apologies:  None


2.      Declaration of Interest:  None


3.      Police Report

Crimes to date for 2011 – 3 thefts in January, 1 theft in February.

Neighbourhood Policing – to be given more staff over the next two years.  This will give an increase in the visibility of officers.

Country Eye – a rural style Neighbourhood Watch.  If residents join they will get the usual labelling equipment, regular emails regarding crimes in the area.  It is hoped that the scheme will form a stronger link between the police and residents.

Meeting with farmers – to be held quarterly

Census 2011 – residents are reminded that all representatives of the census will have ID badges and should not be seeking entry into your home unless assistance is required in completing the form.

Mr Worsfold questioned whether the police have been visiting the area at night as he has seen a spotlight moving around in the lanes and fields – PCSO De Burca stated that this is quite possible.


4.      Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 5th January 2011 were proposed as  a true and accurate record of proceedings by Mr Worsfold, seconded Mr Ireland


5.      Matters Arising from the Minutes

b)      HMP East Sutton Park

Letter from Farm Manager advising that the ivy to the inside of the wall will be dealt with by inmates whereas the works to the outer wall will need to be scheduled for Blantyre House to carry out the works.


6.      Highways

        i.            Mrs Whittle, Mr Turnill and Mr Bristow (resident of the Lane) met in January to look at

the issues raised.  KHS advise that three passing places would cost £22,500 to install.  The questions to be answered are:

·         Should they be installed, is it something the residents wish to see?

·         Who will fund the installation – KHS or the farmer?

    iii.            Mr Turnill questioned who should approach the farmer in respect of his financial

assistance to the works.  Since the request for action came to the Parish Council they should make the approach.  Any works however would need to meet KHS specifications.

Mr Bristow advised that he had spoken to the farmer about funding but did not have any costs at the time.

Action:  Mr Turnill to discuss with farmer.

Clerk to ask KHS (Richard Emmett) for a list of approved contractors and details of the approved specification


        i.            Mr Ireland reported that he had driven around the parish to bring the spreadsheet up to

date.  There are still a number of items on the list that haven’t been done with the condition deteriorating.

Emailed KHS identifying areas that have been marked as completed but are not.  As a result a number of items have been put back onto the list.

    iii.            KHS maintenance and drainage budgets have been protected in the cutbacks.


d)      Street Sweeping

Clerk advised that Mr Neve will be retiring from his street sweeping duties at the end of March.  She advised that the company carrying out litter picking in Bearsted, Clean and Tidy, would be interested in taking over the work.

*      It was proposed that the Council should first see whether there was another local person who wished to take over the duties before employing a company.  Agreed


7.      Planning

a)      Applications Received

MA/11/0157  Little Moatenden, Maidstone Road

Change of use of agricultural land to residential use and erection of four bay garage/store with room in the roof to provide home office – Refuse. The Parish Council question the need to site the garage some 40m away from the dwelling.  The existing access is not currently used for vehicles, therefore this is a new vehicular access onto an ‘A’ road.

The application states that the proposals are for a single storey building whilst the plans show two levels, being garage and office.

b)      Applications Granted

MA/10/2154  Barling Farm

c)      Material Consideration Sheet

Agreed as the format to be used when considering applications. 


8.      Correspondence

a)      Play Area

Play area inspections show a number of areas in need of attention. 

Action:  Clerk to visit site with inspection and respond accordingly

b)      Email from resident regarding works at East Sutton Park.  Resident addressed the council regarding his concerns that during building works there has been a creeping effect where areas of land have been used for storage and parking.  Concern is that the use will become the norm with the type one surface remaining and being used as a car park.

Action:  Clerk to write to MBC expressing concerns

c)      Parish Liaison Day for Councillors – 14th March 2011

d)      KHS advice regarding patching work in Stickfast Lane 11th-14th March


9.      Finance

b)      Concurrent Functions update

 Clerk advised that MBC have yet to advise how much

the grant will be cut by.  Maidstone KALC are in discussions with MBC to get this to the minimum.

<span style=”font-family:; font-size: 12pt;” garamond;mso-bidi-font-family:garamond”=””>c)      Expenditure over £500

Parish Council’s are now required to list on their websites any payments they make over £500


10.  Reports from members of the public

This is purely an information slot and no action can be taken upon the matters raised during this session.  Any action required will need written representation to the council.



11.  Additional matters to be discussed at next meeting



12.  Date of next Parish Council meeting  – 4th May 2011


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.