Local Plan

Map of proposed development sites – May 2014

List of proposed sites – May 2014

Response to draft local plan
East Sutton Parish is situated between Sutton Valence and Headcorn who are designated as a 'larger Village and Rural Service Centre respectively.
The proposed increase in housing in these Parishes will have an adverse effect on East Sutton. The A274 south of Langley has been completely ignored, it
is a very naive assumption that everything coming out of Langley Park will travel North. 
The schools in Headcorn and Kingswood which currently serve East Sutton children are full. One of the classifications on the waiting lists is distance from the School. As East Sutton children are always further away than local children, East Sutton parishioners are being denied choices for their children's education, with only the poorer schools being available. The same applies for Doctors. The proposed increase in housing numbers will only exasperate the current situation.