KCC Active Travel Strategy consultation

Kent County Council’s (KCC) Active Travel Strategy aims to make active travel an attractive and realistic choice for short journeys in Kent. By developing and promoting accessible, safer and well-planned active travel opportunities, this Strategy will help to establish Kent as a pioneering county for active travel.
Active Travel means walking or cycling as a means of transport in order to get to a particular destination such as work, the shops or to visit friends. It does not cover walking and cycling done purely for pleasure, for health reasons, or simply walking the dog. Active travel can be for complete journeys or parts of a journey.
More people travelling actively can lead to a range of positive outcomes. These include improved health, reduced traffic congestion, reduced pollution and financial savings.
We want to know what people think of our draft Active Travel Strategy, and the ambition and actions outlined within it. The draft Strategy is available to download from the website: www.kent.gov.uk/activetravel