JULY 2011

Minutes the Meeting of the Parish Council held at the Filmer Hall on Wednesday 6th July 2011 at 8 p.m.
Present: Messrs Turnill (chair), Edmed, Ireland and Worsfold and Mrs May together with the Clerk Mrs Elstone, Mrs Gibson MBCllr, PSCO De Burca and two residents.
1.             Apologies : None
2.      Declaration of Interest:
·         Mr Edmed declared and interest in planning application MA/11/0889
·         Mr Turnill declared an interest in item 7(iii) Roundoak Farm
3.      Police Report
a)         Crime Report – one incident since the last meeting being theft of heating oil.
It was reported that there had also been one burglary (dwelling) in East Sutton Road but this falls within the Headcorn statistics.
·         PCSO De Burca advised councillors and residents that the incidence of oil thefts was
predominant at present and encouraged those with oil tanks to use defensive planting around the tanks. Sensor plates in the floor can also be used but these could be costly.
·         The police would request that more people contact them giving contact details of any
suspicious activities they see in the area.
·         In the ward the crime figures are showing a 32% reduction compared with the same period in
2010 which is encouraging.
4.      Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 4th May 2011
It was proposed by Mr Edmed, seconded by Mrs May that the minutes are accepted as a true record of proceedings.
5.      Matters Arising from the Minutes
a)          HMP East Sutton – it appears that some of the ivy may have been treated.
Action: Clerk to write requesting completion date for the works
b)                  Pleasure House Lane – Mr Edmed reported that he had hoped to reseed the area but due to the bad weather this was still to be done.
·         It was agreed that there a large amount of reinstatement works was needed. Some hard core
Has been placed at the entrance to the Skinners field and on the opposite side of the road.
·         A couple of extra pot holes have appeared.
·         This matter will be ongoing for some time and will need monitoring.
c)             Play Area – Mr Edmed advised that he has treated the area on two occasions and this appears to
have resolved the situation.
·         Wicksteed advise that there a few areas of which grass has grown on top of the tarmac.  Grass
will only grow from the top down it is only thistles which can grow up through the tarmac and this is the reason why we lay membrane liner.  The growth of weeds/grass can be attributed to a lack of use as the grass would not be able to establish if this was regular use.  Also if  these areas where treated on first sight they would not damage the tarmac it is only because they have not been treated that it has know left a whole in the tarmac.
Action: Area to be monitored and surface levelled where weeds have taken
d)             Employment of Street Sweeper
·         Mr Turnill reported that he had met with Amos and discussed his role in the parish. It was
agreed that a gift be purchased for Amos and delivered by Mr Turnill.
·         From the discussions it transpires that a route from Church Lane – Friday Street – East Sutton
Road was covered during which the gully’s were cleared and the roads swept.
The question the parish council needs to address is whether someone is required to continue this.
It was agreed that:
o   Site lines at junctions need to be strimmed back
o   Gullies need checking at the point where the water runs from the road to the ditch, with any being reinstated by KHS
o   Ditch clearance should be the responsibility of KHS or the landowner.
o   Any hedges needing cutting back to be reported to Clerk
o   Employment would be on a self employed basis for 8 hrs per fortnight at minimum wage.
Action: Clerk to draw up job description and prepare map for site lines and gullies to be identified on
e)             Tree Preservation Orders
Details received from MBC regarding areas on which tree preservation orders exist but these give no details of the trees.
It was agreed that the parish council should remain vigilant to ensure no trees in the parish are lost.
Action: Clerk to determine trees covered by TPOS
6.      Highways
a)             KHS update – Mr Ireland reported that the multiple potholes in Boyton Court Road/Heniker
Lane are due to be actioned during the month.
·         Mr Ireland will have a drive around the parish at the start of August to monitor the situation
and report any areas of concern.
·         Clerk advised councillors of the re-organisation at KHS following budget cuts. Pam Kaur
will no longer be the parish liaison officer with Highway Stewards acting as the link with parishes.
7.      Planning
(i)         Applications to be considered
MA/11/0728    The Shant Hotel – Application for new planning permission to replace extant planning permission – no objection
MA/11/0889    Street Farm – Installation of solar pv panels – no objection
MA/11/0932    Tower House, Pleasure House Lane – Erection of two storey rear extension – it was agreed that councillors would visit the site to determine the extent of the proposals. Following this visit a response of no objection was submitted.
(ii)        Applications granted
MA/10/2188    Street Farm – erection of single storey extension with basement
(iii)       Other matters
·         Erection of detached dwelling at Roundoak Farm – the applicants agent has contacted the
parish council since he feels that the parish council do not fully appreciate the operations of the site. He has therefore requested that councillors visit the site prior to making any submission on the resubmission of the application.
It has been brought to the parish council’s attention that the owners are now advertising holidays on the site. Question was raised as to whether a licence was required to run the site and whether planning permission was required for the siting of a permanent caravan which is being advertised as a holiday home
Action: Clerk to contact licensing and enforcement departments to ascertain legality
·         Mr Worsfold reported that it would appear that an additional entrance is being dug at Orchard
Farm Nursery.
Action: Clerk to ascertain from Kingswood PC whether application has been received for this works
8.      Correspondence
a)             KALC Area Committee minutes
b)             Invitation to from mayor to invite chairman to 36 Engineer Regiment’s town parade on 1st September
9.      Finance
a)        Items for payment –
Bank balance:   Current Account £6491.26
                        Deposit Account    £69.88
The following cheques were agreed for payment:
Viking Direct                           Stationery                    £81.26
Mrs H Elstone                          Clerks Expenses           £152.30
HMRC                                     PAYE and NI              £110.80
KCPFA                                                Subscription                 £ 15.00
b)        Concurrent Functions update – discussions are still taking place between Maidstone KALC and
MBC regarding the future of the scheme.
·         Return for 2010-2011 agreed and signed pm
11.  Reports from members of the public
·         Newsletter – Pleasure House Lane was omitted from the delivery routes
Action: Mr Turnill to deliver copy to households
·         Annual graveyard clearance to take place 7th July at
12.  Additional matters to be discussed at next meeting
13.  Date of next Parish Council meeting  –7th September 2011
There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.